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I was raised in the country in a beautiful rural town outside of Ottawa. I grew up in a school with a strong visual arts program, which led me to obtaining my first degree. I went to Ottawa University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art with a Minor in Classical Studies. Then, I found my greatest passion, Graphic Design and enrolled in a three-year Graphic Design Program at Algonquin. I love how a great design can not only improve the usability of the product and its environment, but can also challenges the next designer to enhance it further. Graphic Design is my passion, and this passion makes my life better and I hope helps others as well.

When I am not designing I love to read mystery/fantasy novels, watch all different genres of movies, hangout with friends or just stay at home and hangout with my dogs. My greatest passion outside graphic design, and something I wish I could do more of, is travel I have been to New York, Dominican Republic, Italy, France and England.

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